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                                                         Welcome To Jackpot Restaurant

We will like to welcome you to our beautiful website which will be update daily and keeping you in the loop of what's happening at Jackpot. We will provide many tools and easy access menus were you can take a look inside our beautiful establishment from the restaurant itself well be post up daily photo's of the restaurant,with that being said will have music of your favorite artist playing through out business hours to make you feel comfortable while enjoying a delicious soulful meal. Take a look around if you have any feed backs or comments please feel free to leave us one you would love to hear from you,so we can better not just ourselve but make it an even better experiences for you every time you visit our site thank you and have a nice day !

Please come join us February 12, 2013 for our grand opening !

Hello Guest , yesterday grand opening went pretty well we would like to thank you those who came by and support our opening. We gladly appreciated it well hope to see you all again soon once again thank you and have a nice day !

Hello Guest , Well today is Valentines Day we would like you to know that if you want a little or a lot of spice and sweet for this special day Jackpot is the place for that Delicious Hot Pot , appetizer and refreshing drinks all in one place you can't beat that. So please come join us and let us carter to you and your special someone it's like you've guys just hit the Big One ! have a nice day.

We would like to thank you those whom had came out and supported us durning are grand opening and through out. We really appreciated it very much and for those whom haven't come out we would love to see you and just know you'll be glad to have you at our fine establishment. We're open 7 days a week from 11am-11pm so come on in anytime take cares and have a good evening everyone.

Greetings everyone i would like to info a special were having all week that's right 7 day special. Come and join us anyday and anytime at our establishment come join us it's special you can't miss out on, When you come and join in our patio area with T.V & Heating to keep you warm during those cold nights but onto the special when you buy One drink you get One Free from 8:30pm - 11:00pm everyday so come on by and enjoy this well be happy to have you have a good evening everyone !

Good Morning! It's March and we would like to thank you all of those whom came out and have dine and support us from the begining we are happy to say that Jackpot is starting to reach it's peak of the hot pot dining world. Also like to thank you for those who visited our website , yelp , facebook , and google us it's really helping us with not just notifications but would help us improve not only ourselve but your dining experience with us all in all we appericated your feed backs and smiles we see everytime you leave our establishment from day to day thank you and we hope you enjoy it cause thier is lots more to come !

Good News Everyone , Starting tomorrow were bring happy hour to life at our fine establishment from 3pm - 5pm and 9pm - 11pm if you come on in and buy 1 drink you'll get 1 free that's right you heard it. Why not come on in and not only get some delicious food but from our happy hour drink menu buy 1 drink get 1 free that means you can come with you friends , family and loved ones and enjoy a drink with a deal stealer and save some extra bucks we would hope to see you all soon take cares and have a wonderful night Jackpot Team sign out !

Hello everyone ! we like to add a little reward and delicious treat for those whom click " like nor comment on our facebook & show us at your next visit and you'll get a free boba milk tea, nor if you have YELP account just click on check - in and show us that when you visit us and we'll hope to see you soon Jackpot Team signing off !